MACE  1.0.0
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MACE 1.0.0

Introduction to MACE

MACE (Massively Asynchronous Coding Environment), is a collection of software libraries that aim to simplify developing modular, asynchronous applications in C++. The three main libraries provide tools for:

All of these libraries are being developed with an eye toward submitting the code to Boost, therefore, the coding style and practices attempt to follow Boost best practices.

Installing MACE

MACE has been tested on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows 7.

C++11 Requirements

Now that C++11 has been ratified, MACE attempts to use the new language features that are supported on Visual Studio 2010 and g++4.4 or newer.

Windows 7 Install

In order to build Boost.Context, which uses ASM files, you must run the following commands from the Visual Studio Command Prompt. This has been tested and known to work with Visual Studio 2010 Express.

    cd mace
    cmake -G "NMake Makefiles" 
    nmake install

Mac OS X / Linux Instructions

On Linux/Mac OS X MACE will install to /usr/local/mace/include and /usr/local/mace/lib so you will need to add those directories to your include and library search paths.

    cd mace
    cmake .
    make -j2
    make install

Simple as pie.


When Boost 1.50 is released it should include some of these libraries (like Boost.Context) and they will no longer be included.


The current version is mace-1.0.0.

Version numbers have the following meaning: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH where Major version is bumped anytime the API breaks, minor version is bumped any time new methods are added, and patch is updated for bug fixes.

You can clone the latest version from github and initilize it as follows.

    git clone
    cd mace
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
    cmake .
    make install