Boost Reflect Library 0.1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
adapt_void< R, Functor >Converts functors returning void to functors returning void_t
any_ptr< InterfaceType, InterfaceDelegate >Behaves like a smart pointer that can handle any type with the same interface
mirror_interface::calculate_type< MemberPointer >Implements the InterfaceDelegate meta-function to determine what type to create to mirror MemberPointer in boost::reflect::vtable used by boost::reflect::any_ptr
get_typeinfo< T >Compile time access to name of a type
mirror_interfaceInterface Delegate that mirrors the reflected interface without any transformation
reflector< T >Defines visit functions for T Unless this is specialized, visit() will not be defined for T
void_tA type to replace void in generic code
vtable< InterfaceType, InterfaceDelegate >Contains functors defined by InterfaceDelegate for each reflected member of InterfaceType
vtable_reflector< InterfaceType >Enables specialization of visit for InterfaceType

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